Shanghai High School

Profound History


In retrospect of past 140 years, Shanghai High School crossed over three centuries from Late Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, to today’s New China. Looking back the history, SHS is a classic epitome of educational development history of modern and contemporary China.

In Old China, founders and pioneers of Shanghai High School made their greatest efforts to renovate education to save China.


In 1865, Ding Ri-chang (military governor of Su, Song, Tai areas) founded Shanghai High School, formerly known as Longmen Shu Yuan, which is the earliest local government-sponsored new school since Shanghai opened commercial ports to the world.


undefinedIn 1904, the school changed its name to Longmen Normal School under the ideology of only by setting up normal schools could abolish outdated regulations and customs. In 1912, the school was named as No.2 Normal School of Jiangsu Province after the Revolution of 1911. In March 1927, the school was again named as Shanghai High School of Jiangsu Province. A group of returned scholars from Europe and America greatly promoted the reform of saving the country by education. Under this ideology, the school followed two main lines of patriotism and reform, and trained a body of talents who dedicated whole lives into their careers. There are over 50 Party and state leaders from our school such as Liren Qian and Gongqi Ye; Over 20 Academicians of the Chinese Academies of Science and Engineering; Shoue Tu and Jiaxi Yang were two of five contributors of atomic and hydrogen bombs and man- made satellites. They made countless contributions to the development of New China in politics, economy, technology, culture, and education.


In New China, successors of Shanghai High School keep pace with the times and dedicate to the service of the school’s and country’s great development.


undefinedIn 1949, When the Peoples Republic of China was founded, many things in the country were waiting to be done. In 1950, our school was edged into Shanghai and renamed by Shanghai High School of Shanghai. During the 17 years after the founding of New China, our school trained a great number of outstanding talents for socialist reform and construction under the joint efforts of principals and teachers. We have over 50 Party and state leaders and more than 30 academicians of the Chinese Academies of Science and Engineering. Some of them received the honor of National Defense Science and Technology Model from the leaders of three generations of the PRC. A remarkable number of graduates became the founders and made numerous contributions in various fields. During the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976, Shanghai High School became target of criticism and was forced to close out.

It was the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party that brought a new atmosphere to Chinese education. In 1978, Shanghai High School was reopened. In 1989, Mr. Tang, Shengchang was appointed to the principal of Shanghai High School and he led our school toward a new climax. Shanghai High School International Division was founded in 1993. Following the strategy of developing the country and cities by relying on science and education and top innovative talents, SHS continuously prompts quality education by exploring methods of early development of innovative personals and builds a foundation for an innovative country with powerful human resource. Our school aims at the goal of “best in China, well-known in the world” and valiantly exploits the road of rejuvenating the school and country to obtain continuous development.

undefinedBasing on the mission of “optimistically educating elite students,” Shanghai High School focuses on the balance development of gifted students’ thinking, aptitude, and deeds. Our school also did innovative explorations of high-end quality education in fields of educational modernization, globalization and digitalization where dwells the school’s core values, global vision and the continuous development of gifted students with innovative spirit. We basically achieved the goal of being a top domestic and world school with high quality education and efficient management. The School enrolls around 4200 students from over 60 different nations and regions. In recent years, the acceptance rate for local Chinese graduates into domestic key universities is over 99%. For the graduates of International Division, over 85% of the candidates have been accepted by prestigious universities in America and European countries. Many of our graduates have entered world-famous universities, such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and Cambridge University.


In the future, by relying on the peaceful rise of China and great rejuvenation of our nation, Shanghai High School carries great responsibility on marching toward world-top school to realize the mission of “better school, stronger country.”

In retrospect of past 140 years, Shanghai High School crossed over three centuries. For the last 140 years, Shanghai High School shared same weal and woe of our nation and country.

undefinedBefore New China, we made great efforts to rejuvenate school and the country!


In New China, we advance on the road of innovation to serve our country!


Under the principle of “optimistically educating elite students,” Shanghai High School will follow the scientific outlook on development to blueprint school’s future and educate elite talents for constructing an innovative country with powerful human resources. We are ready to climb on new heights on the way of rejuvenating our schools and country.