Shanghai High School

Activities——Star Clubs

The clubs in SHS have always been an indispensable part of the school life. Now there are 20 authorized clubs and 2 probationary clubs. We have the academic “Finance Club” and “Si Yan Club”, the passionate “F1 Club” and “Kongfu Club” and also the caring “Ju Yun Club” and “Tong Yi Club”. No matter where you put your interest in, there is always a club opens up for you.


The clubs are managed by the Cluhttp:// Management Committee under the Art Department of the Student Union. Every club has its own regulations and club presidents have a regular meeting every month. At the beginning of every year, the clubs will enroll new members, and by the end of every year, star clubs and distinguishing clubs are selected according to their achievements and influence in the past year. With years of efforts, all the clubs are getting more mature and standardized.

List of Star Clubs: SHS Stimulated United Nations Club, SHS F1 Club, SHS Literature Club, SHS Tong Yi Club, SHS Cooperation Club, Star-fire Club, Caring Heart Club, Zang Yuan Club, Drama Club, Comic Club…