Shanghai High School

SHS Stars


Sha Huaxing

Shanghai Outstanding Student Leader of 2010

Sha Huaxing now is the propaganda commissioner of Class 9, Grade 11, and the president of the Student Union. As the class propaganda commissioner, she participated in the organization of class activities and contributes a lot in building up a positive atmosphere in the class. As the president of the Student Union, she never forgets the principle of “Student-orientation”. She planed and organized “Student Art and Physical Activities” in the 2010 Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo, and she was elected as the Communist Youth League representative in the 1stsemester of 2010. As a member of the Science and Technology Class, she devotes herself into biology research, and the project which was completed by her and Liu Chang has won the First Prize in the 26thYouth Science and technology innovation competition.


Hu Yiping

Xu Hui District “Triple-A Student” of 2010

Hu Yiping now is the class monitor and the Communist Youth League Organization Department Commissioner. He is pragmatic and stays in low key; he is rigorous and always keeps rational. He favors science study and has made achievements in competitions of different science subjects, among which he is best at chemistry. He never fears any difficulties he may encounter on his way. He never hesitates to perfect himself with great perseverance. He believes that he is like a sword which can only be sharp after millions of times of grinding.