Shanghai High School

Characters in implementation

Ⅰ. Key points for implementing SHS course framework

Emphasizing code standards of courses.There are eight key points in implementing every items and modes — the name and description of course items and modes, materials, target students, teaching target, time arrangement, detailed content, evaluation methods and reference materials.Vigorously promoting the matching between teaching materials and course framework.There are 882 items and modes of developmental types under the course framework of both moral education and learning field, 80% of which have or form probationary textbooks. In addition, SHS encourages teachers to compile materials for relevant subjects under the principle of “overall designing, category compiling, self-oriented, and reflecting its own features”.

Phase matching the modern items or modes with the establishment of more than 20 modern digitalized labs.There are four categories, including subjects, engineering, techniques and arts. More than 10 modern digitalized labs were set up in 2008, like “laser and optical fiber lab” ensuring the implementation of 125 relevant modern experiments of fiber-optic communication so that students’ study and research abilities will be improved.

Building up an evaluation system to match the developmental courses.SHS divides developmental courses into two main aspects. Tiny- or small-scale courses aim to broaden students’ horizons to stimulate their interest, so evaluation mainly depends on students’ attendance.Medium- or large-scale courses focus more on digging out students’ potential and figuring out their interest, so students’ performance in the course counts for the evaluation of this course with reference to their attendance.

SHS stresses the implementation of course framework under the idea of “high conception, high speculation, high interaction”, making matches among teaching resources, book information and relevant teaching equipments.

Ⅱ. Three main characters of SHS course framework

High selectivity of courses to push the formation of students’ personalized knowledge.SHS provides students with more than 200 items or modes every semester. Mobile classes and small-scale teaching were introduced. Course selection and management system was established, so that students were allowed to choose courses online and attendance could be recorded by POSS system. A comprehensive evaluation system is carried out.

Modernization of courses to inspire students’ inquisitiveness and interest.On one hand, traditional content is modernized for learning, including a selection of traditional content, highlighting the key points, mastering summaries and presentations. On the other hand, modern S&T development and frontier knowledge are properly introduced. More than 150 advanced items and modes are explored, such as “condensed matter physics”, in order to broaden students’ horizon.

An exploration on courses to strengthen students’ research abilities.Emphasis is given to not only development-oriented courses to promote the exploration of courses (260 items or modes to analyze exploration and practical application, like “nanomaterials and nanostructures”), but also basic courses to push forward their explorations. The school research study started in 2001. With perseverance and consistency, the integrity of those teaching content was given to students grade by grade and step by step. Grade 10 students must do the big subject assignment, write a thesis to form a problem consciousness, collect research materials, and extract research themes; Grade 11 students opt for their own projects. Both the process and experience in doing researches are more stressed. Students get to know research methodology. Grade 12 students perfect their projects, and are helped to form their exploring attitudes and scientific spirit. SHS also set up a research study online stage and updated the information frequently. This ensures students’ multi-level management on their research study. So far, there have been more than 10,000 research study projects online.