Shanghai High School

Course framework for exploring talents’ competitive potentials

undefinedAs a whole, the course framework for explore the competitive potentials is developed on the basis of the course framework in the learning field. Its main content consists of researches and projects, covering areas like economics, engineering. Each area has its own key aspects, such as “laser and optical fiber” in physics. This is available to all students.Referring to the details, SHS opens intensive mathematics classes and science and technology experimental classes, creating a course system with a combination of basic courses, specialized courses, and research courses. Basic courses must be finished within one year and a half, and in the meanwhile, mathematics, chemistry, and physics are bilingually taught. For those English taught content, materials of Prentice Hall fromAmericaare applied, concentrating on and supplementing the prospects and hot topics in certain areas. Specialized courses and research courses cover 25% of students’ total study time.


Students can pick up their favorite areas. College professors are in charge of teaching and exploring those research areas. The content is either equivalent to or a bit higher than courses in those international college foundation programs. It is stressed that students should be given a foundation of knowledge, methods guidance, information storage, thinking training and aspiration guidance. Research courses emphasize studying knowledge in specialized areas and studying under supervisors’ guidance. Supervisors carry out students-oriented scientific experiment and subject research to promote the complementation between individuals’ research and supervisor’s guidance, between individuals’ study and team cooperation.



For those capable students, SHS can provide them with relevant AP (Advanced Placement Program) courses after their accomplishment in the above study.