Shanghai High School

Moral Course Framework

The framework of SHS Moral Course for Talents gives great emphasis to “Aspiration”. It stresses on the integrity of students’ thoughts, capacities and actions, the integrity of self-values and social demands. Both the vertical perspective and the horizontal perspective are taken into consideration in order to set up the course framework. The vertical perspective involves both basic types and developmental ones; the horizontal perspective includes recognization, practice, experience and reflection.


The basic type — covering the national standard items, such as learning military affairs, learning to farm and social practice; the school sets up its own featured compulsory courses, such as 48-hour camping, CPS (creativity, practice, service) Course, Double I (intra-personal and inter-personal ) Course, LO (Leadership Organization) Course, and a course Introducing National Realities & Folk Customs·International Situations.




The developmental type — considering the reality in school, which recognization was stressed while moral practice, experience and reflection were neglected, SHS puts a concept of “combining four themes into one”.The four themes include “insisting in the ideal and faith, honoring the country and school”, “following the democracy and legal system, learning the moral culture”, “caring about life, serving the society”, and “having a healthy mentality, enjoying a diversified life”, forming 39 items such as “Weekly Laws Salon”, “The Youth Sculpture” (150 modes included), for students’ options.The moral course framework for talents concerns about developing students’ social responsibilities, high aspirations, strong perseverance, and culture understanding under the integrated concepts of core social values, self-behaviors and community service.