Shanghai High School

Course Framework in the Learning Field

undefinedSubject course framework emphasizes “stimulating the interest”, stressing students’ personalized knowledge structure.With the guidance of subjects groups, seven study fields was formed, including linguistics and literature, mathematics; 14 subjects formed their own course framework, physics, chemistry, history, geography, P.E., music and arts included. For each course framework, there are further divided into the basic type and the developmental type.The basic type: Different students have different foundations of knowledge. On the basis of Shanghai Course Standard, teaching outlines of SHS courses are further completed in accordance with SHS students’ study features. For example, Politics extends its content to “Macro-economics”, “Comparing Political Systems”, “A History of China and Western Philosophy”; Physics introduces in-depth concepts of “numeric physical experiment”. The other 12 subjects, like Chinese, Mathematics, English, are encouraged to apply level choices, mode choices or item choices.


undefinedThe developmental type: inspiring students’ interest and gradually focusing on majors on the basis of students’ general ideas of each subjects. There are 727 items and modes for students’ choices. They are further divided into four categories — developing knowledge, broadening views, analyzing and exploring, and practical application. There are 227 knowledge development items, stressing the extension of subject knowledge, such as “A brief introduction of European and American literature”; there are 253 items for broadening views, focusing on forming a better idea of the future development in this subject, like “The fourth existence — plasma physics and its application”; 155 items in analysis and exploration, emphasizing the exploration in the overlaps among subjects, “chemistry and new materials” for instance; 92 items in practical application, punctuating students putting the theory into practice, like “synthesis of Nano-materials”.


Each item or mode on the course framework is put into practice in accordance with students’ grades.Course framework in the learning field reflects characters of high selectivity, modernization and exploration values, which encourages students to form personalized knowledge structure in the process of figuring out their aspirations and interest to a large extent.