Shanghai High School

Digital Campus Information Management System

Shanghai High School took the lead nationwide in establishing a digital campus information management system based on an unified data platform. Digital Campus Information System--DCIS is an Internet portal available within a certain range, which integrates the needs of school instruction and supervision and provided teachers and students with service and information resources of all aspects.



Prior to the introduction of DCIS, various software and digital platforms were developed by the faculty and were utilized for managing different school activities. Therefore, it was the consideration behind the implementation of DCIS that information managed by those independent systems needs to be integrated seamlessly in order to enable comprehensive information query, statistical analysis and data mining.



The digital campus information management system of Shanghai High School is divided into 4 sections of communication, service, resources and life that focuses on the building of 8 subsystems of information service, teachers, enrollment, students, instrument, library information, assets and school document. Those subsystems will work as a unit to form a service-oriented architecture that responds to requirements effectively.