Shanghai High School

Modern Innovation Labs

The list of the 26 modern innovation labs of

SHS based on digital platform


Lab Name

Examples of Implemented Experimental Projects


Modern Lab for Instrumental Analysis

Start both qualitative and quantitative analysis on organism, which will make the experiment highly sensitive and accurate. For example, we measure the quantity of important metalloid element in water by flame atomic absorption spectrometry.


Laser & Optical Fiber Basic Lab

Measure all parameters of fiber optic amplifier and fiber optic laser, the regulation of resonant cavity in solid-state laser, the measurement of fiber optic’s length and its dissipation and the defect point. What’s more, Q-switching and frequency doubling technology, basic research about wireless and optical communication, the measurement of input and output characteristics of the semiconductor and the laser.


Modern Lab for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The function and the regulation of genes, protein analysis from an immunological standpoint.


Botany Lab

Cultivation and application research of transgenic plant.


Basic Lab for Modern Biology

Hemoglobin gel chromatography, DNA fingerprinting, Chromosomal karyotypes examination of periphery blood lymphocyte.


Digital Lab for General Physical

Measuring sound velocity; measuring the Young modulus of wire; study the momentum and energy changes of collision; observe the hydrogen atom spectroscopy, measure the magnetic strength with the principle of Hall effect, study magnetic field distribution in Helmholtz loop.


Microbiology Lab

Isolation, cultivation and identification of pathogenic microorganisms.


Data Acquisition Studio for Ecology

Monitoring, regulation and bioremediation of aquatic ecosystems.


Information Security Lab

Network attack and defense, integrated management of information security.


Non-linear Editing Lab

To edit and process the programs recorded outdoor or in the studio and output a new one.


Camera Lab

Still life photography, Portrait photography, lighting for photography, photographic composition and so on.


VEX Robot Lab

Artificial Intelligence, mechanical arm, construction of all kinds of intelligent robots, automatic control of mechanical structure.


Basic Lab for Automatic Control

Control experiments of disconnect delay circuit, frequency-dividing circuit, oscillatory circuit, alarming circuit.


Basic Lab for the Electrical Engineering’s Frequency Conversion (Heavy Current)

Inquiry into Transformer performance, circuit experiment of three-phase variable-frequency motor, voltage reducing starter with a electromotor in shape of star or triangle, power transmission, AC frequency converter and so on.


Basic Lab for Digital Circuit technology

Triode amplifier circuit, feedback amplifier circuit, RC sinusoidal oscillation circuit, Absorption follower, differential amplifier circuit, binary or decimal coder, 3/8 line decoder, Seven-Segment-Code display, adder, AD converter, DA converter and so on.


Basic and Synthetic Lab for Nanometer Materials

Scan atomic pictures; observe and start qualitative and quantitative analysis of all kinds of nanometer materials.


Computer Music Lab

Notation and composition of electronic music.


Computer Art Lab

Computer aided design of arts works or animations.


Intelligent Building Lab

Remote meter reading system, all kinds of alarm control systems, experiments controlling system by intercommunicating phones and video phones.


Digital Video Production Lab

Learn skills of digital video production and non-linear editing software application.


Vehicle Driving Simulation and Basic Principle Lab

Understand the driving skills; comprehend the basic principles of automobile and the production skills.


Finance Lab

Get to understand investment, finance, security and stock, then simulation experiments.


Automobile Studio

Join in automobile production and take part in China Honda Energy Saving competition.


Astronomy and Geography Lab

Astronomical and meteorological observation etc.


Human Medical Science and Pathology Lab

Heart and Lung Stethoscope, abdominal ballottement, medical training such as pathology simulation, understand some knowledge about trauma emergency, epidemiology and nutrition.


Cell Biology Lab

Cytometry, scientific inquiry.