Shanghai High School

A selective introduction of competitive courses for digging out talents’ potentials

SHS Finance Experimental Course

Since 2009, SHS started finance experimental course, titled “marvelous financial world” by cooperating with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). SHS invested to set up a finance lab for the course, SUFE School of Finance sends Professors, Doctoral Supervisors and Director of Finance Experiment Center to teach SHS students. All students can pick up this course, and it has three periods per week.

SHS aims to stimulate students’ interest in finance and digging out their potentials so as to open a wider area for them. The teaching target of this course is to bring students some experimental methods to understand and check some financial theories; to let students apply experiments to find out how the psychology and action of market participants affect the financial market in order to derive and check the feasibility of market strategies; to make students attempt experiments like currency creation.

In order to lay a theoretical foundation for students in this course, students are introduced to Macro- and Micro-Economics in the first half term of this course. It mainly talks about some western economic knowledge of finance and currency, such as the classification of currency, major items in the balance of international payments, the formation and changes of equilibrium price, which are all taught by Professors from SUFE School of Economics.


Human Body Medicine Course

“A preliminary exploration on human health and medicine” course was taught by teachers and clinicians from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) School of Medicine since 2010. This course aims to bring students a general idea of and skills in human gross anatomy structure, heart and lung auscultation, blood pressure measurement, palpation, First Aid, epidemiology and nutriology.

Human body health lab is equipped with teaching and learning system of intelligent heart and lung auscultation and abdominal touch skills, advanced dummy man with all functions (II), cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), mini-CPR and other human organs models. Students can be trained with clinical medicine skills, like heart and lung auscultation, abdominal touch, CPR and tracheal intubation. This lab now mainly serves “a preliminary exploration on human body and medicine” course in order to bring students with a general idea of and skills in human gross anatomy structure, heart and lung auscultation, blood pressure measurement, and First Aid.


EP Automobile Course

Eco-power Competition, applying four-stroke engine of Honda fuel-efficient motorcycle, encourages participants to design and build their own cars. Who can use one liter fuel to drive the farthest distance and limit the emission to the least is the winner. This is a race to challenge the extreme of eco-power.

An introduction of the race team

Luantum Race was formally set up in January, 2010, for the main purpose of Honda Eco-power Competition. The race team aims to improve students’ innovative competence in science and technology, train their manipulative skills, and develop their strong sense of environment protection, which builds up another platform for students’ aspirations and interest.


The formation of the team name

The main building at SHS is titled Longmen Building. (Longmen represents the college entrance examination.) This building obviously means that SHS students will all succeed in the college entrance examinations. This representative meaning is spotted everywhere around school: the 115 ways of writing the word “Long” and the carp-shaped decoration on the lights.


Team members

Supervisors: professor from Tongji University and Mr. SHI Zhongming from SHS.

Members: Anyone interested can apply for the team and they will be enrolled after being interviewed by professors from Tong Ji University.



Slogan and its formation

Slogan: SHS never stops bringing the world with new wonders.

The slogan quoted the first line from the lyrics of SHS song, since this was the first race team of SHS. It represents SHS students’ brave and adventurous spirit.

Course content:

1、Basic knowledge for building up race cars in accordance with the requirement of Honda Eco-power Competition

2、Eco-power Competition rules

3、Eco-power vehicles of each group

4、How to use CATIA

5、EP transferring design

6、The process of building up the whole car

7、Pre-guidance for the Honda Eco-power Competition in China


A course on exploring strong potentials in physicsThere are two main series of the course on exploring strong potentials in physics: learning physics knowledge and cultivating students’ physics methods and skills; introducing the past, the present and the future of physics to bring students with a general idea of the development and prospect of physics and its overlaps with the other subjects. The latter one is carried out in tiny-scale classes.

Physics Competitioncovers physics knowledge of Grade 10, some college curriculum and the relevant extensive knowledge. It is further divided into two categories of theory and experiment, aiming to further dig out students’ strong interest and potential in physics and improve their comprehension competence. The target students are those with strong interest and a good foundation of knowledge in physics. The textbook isThe Basic Knowledge for Physics Olympiads(written by PAN Xirun and ZHU Zhen), published by Shanghai Science & Technology Press in 2001.

Virtual Physics Experimentsexposes students to the computer application. By means of setting up models, problems will be simplified, and then some complicated physics questions will be solved by computer. The target students are those with some knowledge of programming.

Femtosecond Laser, in coherent with the development of advanced physics, especially the prospect of optical development, introduces the generation mechanism and application prospects of ultrashort and ultrastrong laser pulses on the basis of the basic principles of laser. This course mainly provides students with lectures so as to lead students into the world of modern physics, which cultivates students’ independent study habit and research spirits.

In addition,An Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics,Nanomaterials and Nanostructures,The Fourth Existence — Introduction to Plasma Physicsall aim to broaden students’ horizons and dig out their potentials.