Shanghai High School

A selective introduction of competitive courses for talents’ moral education

“A compulsory course for talents48-hour camping experience”

48-hour camping is a compulsory course for Grade 10 students. This is an experience-oriented course. This course was firstly designed as a 24-hour one, but changed to 48-hour camping in 2004. It emphasizes four major topics, including protecting the living environment, training the survival abilities, cultivating the living virtues, and discussing the existence in order to bring students with the true experience of survival abilities and competences. Through the training, students can enhance their adaptive capacities to environment, social networking capacities, cooperative capacities and hard-working spirit so that they have a deep understanding of life.



Within 48 hours, students are supposed to accomplish the following tasks: ① Orienteering five miles to train students’ perseverance; ② Setting up camps to teach students a survival skill; ③ Setting up stoves, purchasing food, and cooking for themselves to enhance their adaptive capacities to environment and independence; ④ holding parties with soldiers with the theme of patriotism, defending the nation and making the nation more powerful; ⑤ camping to train self-management and enhance the awareness of self-management; ⑥ joining in field military activities to strengthen the military and national defense knowledge in order to form national security concerns. By the end of the training, students must write a summary on their training experience.


“A compulsory course for talentsCPS course”

CPS, coming from creativity, practice and service, started in 1998. SHS specially designed this non-academic course on the basis of talents’ needs. It requires students to play the role of “organizers of activities”, “active performers” to join in school and community activities. It encourages students to organize an innovative social activity so that they can improve their comprehensive qualities by means of serving the others and community. (The comprehensive qualities include innovation, creativity, practice, inter-personal relations, caring and respecting the others, moral sense and social responsibility.) The establishment of this course is based on the needs of social, school and talents’ development.

Since the implementation of this course, more than 10,000 projects have been done by students. Through this course, students’ creative thinking and personality are healthily developed, interpersonal communication skills are greatly enhanced, and times consciousness and social responsibilities are obviously strengthened.

The course applies the school textbook, titledA Compulsory Course for Talents – CPS Program Theory and Practice(edited by XUE Jianping, ZHANG Zehong and LIU Maoxiang, published by Shanghai Academy of Social Science in 2004).


“A compulsory course for talentsLO Course”

LO refers to Leadership Organization, i.e. leading and organizing the class. This course started in 2006. The probation was firstly carried out among students’ leaders. After five-year experience, it was promoted among all students and became one of the SHS characteristic courses for talents. The course emphasizes leadership, nurturing students’ quality and capacity. It leads students to form a correct sense of leadership and leader vision so as to lay a solid foundation for their future. This course was called by media as the “high school students’ MBA.The design of the course is based on the concepts of “bringing students’ no burden” and “stimulating students’ internal potential of being a leader and organizer”. It also takes students’ roles in school into consideration and pays attention to make full use of the course resources. The course is carried out in forms of theoretical learning, practice, lectures, and modeling homework. Emphasis is given to reorganization and practice. The evaluation of the course includes three aspects — 30% of cognitive appraisal, 30% of self-evaluation, and 40% of practical evaluation.
By the end of each academic year, an evaluation will be done considering the above three aspects, and with reference to students’ success in shouldering leaders’ responsibilities.

SHS compiled and publishedA Compulsory Course for TalentsLeadership Organization (LO) Course, (published by Shanghai Education Press House).


“A compulsory course for talentsDouble I Course”

Double I (referring to Intra-personal and Inter-personal) Course started in 2003, a featured course of SHS. This course stands on theories like multiple intelligence theory, brain science theory, self-metacognization theory and comprehensive course concept. It aims to help talents form a better idea of recognizing their own values, identifying and further digging out their potentials in certain subjects, advocating the goodness of fit among aspiration, interest and capacity, so as to improve themselves and actively pursuing chances of the value realization in their future.The course is carried out in forms of lectures, themed activities, self-design and reflection, self-career planning. It also requires students to finish a study sheet in accordance with different periods. Students need to figure out one potential fitting in their self-development, their competitive intelligence advantage and a theme that would enhance their development in aspiration. According to the above aspects, detailed implementation plans are formed. After the implementation, a summary and a reflection of the course are also required. Since the implementation, there have been more than 4,000 self-reflections. Now a systematic introduction of the Double I Course is formed, titledThe Theory and Practice of the Double I Course.