Shanghai High School

Science and Technology Experimental Class

undefinedSince September 2008, SHS initiated the first Science and Technology Experimental Class nationwide, aiming to nurture students with innovative competence. One class was enrolled every academic year since then. The class has the following characteristics:


Students will accomplish basic courses within one year and a half. Subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry apply bilingual materials.


Students can make a choice among five fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, Information Technology, and engineering. Specialized courses will be provided for students, the difficulty of these courses equivalent to the college foundation courses. AP courses might also be supplied to some qualified students.


SHS will vigorously promote projects and researches in those specialized fields.SHS will form a joint cultivating mechanism with colleges and institutions. Professors, experts and researchers will shoulder the responsibilities of teaching courses and supervising the laboratory set-up.


SHS will provide each student with a laptop and around 30 modernized labs, enabling students to study and research on a digital platform.undefinedStudents in this class gradually form their personalized knowledge structure and directions for professional development based on both their aspiration and interest and potentiality-digging. Among 45 graduates of the first class, 40 were enrolled by renowned university, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, excluding five students who went abroad. Their majors deal with many areas, like nuclear technology, architecture.