Shanghai High School

IB World School

Shanghai High School is the first school in Shanghai providing the IB curriculum. In 1995, Shanghai High School became an IB world school. In terms of the IB curriculum quality, our school has become one of the top schools of the world.


The IB curriculum (known as International Baccalaureate), is provided by the International Baccalaureate Organization, in a spirit of lifelong education, to students all around the world. Our school now provides 26 feature courses of the IBDP. There are 1,800 different optional classes at various levels to ensure the selectiveness and multilevel of the IB program. We also hire a good variety of faculty, including over 90 expatriate teachers, and 30 Chinese teachers with oversea education. Every year, we invest nearly RMB 3 million to purchase 900 types of imported textbooks and other versions of materials; there are over 110 thousand English version books in our library. Shanghai High School International Division has been making steady progress in the IB Diploma Program in the past decade; it has improved from the 5thplace in 2008 to the 1stplace in 2011. (Table 1) .


In 2018, the DP pass rate is 100%, and the IBDP students ranked top 3.6% of the world. Refer to the following table (Table 2) for the average score of the Diploma Program.


subject average(out of 7)
Math 7
Language >6.5
Lab Science >6.5
Social Science 6
Computer Science 7