Shanghai High School

International Exchange and Cooperation

There are nearly a hundred expatriate teachers employed by Shanghai High School, and about 4,200 students on campus, including over 3,000 international students coming from over 60 countries and regions.


On-campus clubs and activities such as the Art Festivals, Technology Fair and Sports Meeting become bridge between local and international students. What’s more, to broaden students’ global vision, Shanghai High School also extends cooperation with over 40 international and regional organizations or institutions from 15 countries, such as Oxford University from UK, Lycée Louis le Grand from France.


Some famous foreign experts were also invited to perform and participate in art or sports events organized by our school. In Mathematics, Environment and other important international competitions, e.g. the International Mathematics Olympics, students from Shanghai High School have achieved outstanding results and shared their experiences with players all around the world.


Principal Tang himself also has participated in many high-level international academic conferences, such as the Sino-US high-level mathematics seminar, the Sino-US Education Forum sponsored by Harvard University. In August 2011, Shanghai High School hosted theHarvard Summit for Young Leaders in China(HSYLC).