Shanghai High School

Psychology —— Mental Health Center

Shanghai High School Mental Health Center was established in 2005, providing psychological support and consultation. Located on the 2ndfloor of the General Affairs Building, the center has a group activity room, a consulting room and a biofeedback room. There are 1 professional psychology teacher, 3 part-time psychology teachers, all of them have systematical psychological education and well experienced. The prime goal of the center is to provide professional psychological consultation and support to teachers and students, help promote the healthy growth the students. The role of their work is mainly in the following areas:


(1) Promote the concept of mental health among teachers and students.

(2) Give lectures about new school adjustment, interpersonal relationships, test anxiety, career planning, etc.

(3) Open the course "Psychological Analysis" to systematically spread knowledge about psychology, and improve students’ communication and cooperation, emotion adjustment and creative thinking ability through a variety of team building activities.

(4) Provide free psychological consultation to all teachers and students on campus.

(5) Carry out mental health education and research

Center Location: 2ndfloor of the General Affairs Building (next to clinic)

Duty hours: Monday to Thursday, 16:00 - 19:00

Consultation forms: Individual interviews