Shanghai High School

Zhao Fei and Mao Lili won the first prize in the 2018 Excellent Teaching Paper Awards held by Modern Teaching Magazine


Based on the results of the 2017 Education and Research Project of Shanghai High School, our school teacher Zhao Fei and Mao Lili’s research paper “Practical Study of School-based Textbook Design Based on PBL pedagogy” was awarded the first prize in 2018 Excellent Teaching Paper Awards by “Modern Teaching” Magazine. In the competition, more than 700 papers were reviewed. In the end, Zhao Fei and Mao Lili's papers stood out among the many national commentaries.


The main content of the thesis revolves around the design of school-based textbooks after the reform of the sixth grade information technology curriculum. With the reform of the teaching model, the original school-based textbooks can no longer meet the current teaching. The newly revised school-based textbooks are more in line with the implementation of the PBL pedagogy, focusing on students' self-exploration and practice, and meeting the teaching needs of the sixth-grade information technology curriculum.


Zhao Fei and Mao Lili attended the 2018 Excellent Teaching Paper Awarding Ceremony held by "Modern Teaching" magazine, and conducted on-the-spot exchanges with experts and teachers. Zhao Fei also did experience sharing in research and writing at the conference.